Raising awareness and funds for Medical Cannabis patients this #MCAW2020

1st November 2020 marks two years since the rescheduling of cannabis-based products for medicinal use. Despite access improving for patients, the Sapphire Medical Foundation is committed to reducing the financial barrier of access to medical cannabis.

Prior to the change in the law on 1st November 2018, access to life changing medical cannabis for some was via a long journey to Holland. This Medical Cannabis Awareness Week (1st November 2020 – 8th November 2020) we teamed up to walk, run and swim the length of the journey from London to Holland (550km) to raise awareness of Medical Cannabis and funds for patients in need.

Sapphire Medical Foundation was founded last year to aid in the financial difficulties that can affect individuals who are unable to afford the costs associated with medical cannabis prescriptions. Fundraising have been extremely challenging across the entire voluntary sector since Covid-19 but the trustees and team at Sapphire Medical Foundation remain committed to helping those in need. Your donations will go directly to help patients in need with the cost of medical cannabis prescriptions.

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